It’s not easy to find the right work-life balance after the birth of a child.

Caring for a new baby while trying to manage other family responsibilities can be overwhelming, and planning for a return to work can deepen existing anxiety, worry, and sadness. New moms often feel stuck as they try to juggle all of their roles and transition back to their careers. AbilTo’s Momentum program can help.

Expert, Individualized Behavior Change Support

Momentum is AbilTo’s program for new mothers who are dealing with postpartum challenges like the baby blues, postpartum depression, or simply the stress of transitioning from family leave back to career.

Success Story:
Balanced New Responsibilities, Transitioned Back to Full-Time Work

A couple of months after the birth of her daughter, Ms. Carter was having a hard time managing her responsibilities as a new mom and as a stepmother to a 10-year-old girl. Her baby was very colicky, and her stepdaughter was exhibiting behavioral difficulties at home and school. She began to have mixed feelings about returning to work and started experiencing depression, anxiety, and frustration.

Throughout the course of the program, Ms. Carter learned how to manage her emotions and new responsibilities without becoming overwhelmed. She was able to seek help for her baby’s colic and developed a plan to address her stepdaughter’s behavioral difficulties. Daily afternoon walks with her baby and stepdaughter not only helped her improve her relationship with her stepdaughter, but also helped her make positive strides toward getting back to her pre-pregnancy weight. She was also able to work out her feelings regarding returning to work and establish a plan with her employer to slowly enter back into a full-time schedule.

During her last session, she stated, “I think I’m a better person and mom because of this program!”

Over the course of eight weeks, Momentum participants get focused, personal support to help them manage their feelings and effectively deal with all of their life transitions. Guided by AbilTo’s specially trained team consisting of a transition specialist* and a behavior coach, they learn practical strategies for setting manageable goals and achieving life balance.

Things like finding the time for self care, balancing job demands and family responsibilities, and managing feelings of stress, anxiety, or sadness all become easier and achievable. Participants are able to balance their different roles and fulfill their responsibilities—without feeling guilty and without neglecting themselves. The result is better physical health and mental well-being—in only eight weeks.

Momentum participants:
• Feel empowered and effective.
• Find the right work-life balance.
• Overcome obstacles to health and wellness.
• Limit disability time and time away from work.
• Avoid unnecessary medical visits.
• Make lasting changes in their physical and emotional health.

Participants feel better, faster, and can begin to make the most of every day.

Able to find balance.

Able to make positive changes.


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(*) Transition specialists are licensed clinical social workers (LCSWs) or the equivalent.


  • It was good to talk through action plans with someone who had already gone through this transition and could give suggestions about ways to feel more prepared. It made me feel better about my daughter’s situation at home and my situation at work.
    – Momentum Graduate
  • As a first-time parent, I was having a lot of conflicting emotions about returning to work at the end of my leave. The program helped me work through those concerns.
    – Momentum Graduate