Diabetes Forum

Everyone with type 2 diabetes is different. For some people, exercise is the key to stabilizing their blood sugar levels. For others, it’s what they eat or the way they space their meals.

It’s hard to pinpoint which lifestyle habits will have the greatest impact on blood sugar, and it can be even harder to make the lifestyle changes needed to achieve better blood sugar levels. AbilTo’s Diabetes Forum can help.

Expert, Individualized Behavior Change Support

Diabetes Forum is AbilTo’s program for individuals who are struggling with the demands of managing type 2 diabetes.

Success Story:
Reduced Symptoms, Stabilized Blood Sugar

Mr. Brown was feeling tremendous anxiety related to an onslaught of medical complications from his diabetes. Not only was he experiencing poor vision and pain in his feet due to neuropathy, but his normal insulin regimen was no longer stabilizing his blood glucose levels.

After only several sessions in the Diabetes Forum, Mr. Brown felt significantly better. He had less pain in his feet and his blood sugar was more stable.

He attributed his radical improvement to the techniques he learned to help him relax and remain positive. He states, “I wish I would have realized earlier how my emotions impacted my diabetes symptoms!”

Over the course of eight weeks, Diabetes Forum participants get focused, personal support to help them understand and eliminate the barriers to making lifestyle changes, allowing them to maximize their health outcomes. Guided by AbilTo’s specially trained team consisting of a transition specialist* and a behavior coach, they learn practical strategies for setting manageable goals and achieving life balance.

Things like properly testing blood sugars, eating balanced meals, exercising, finding the time for self care, and managing feelings of stress, anxiety, or sadness all become easier and achievable. The result is better physical health and mental well-being—in only eight weeks.

Diabetes Forum participants:.
• Reduce their blood sugar levels.
• Increase the frequency of self-testing.
• Overcome obstacles to health and wellness.
• Avoid unnecessary medical visits, surgery, or hospitalizations.
• Limit disability time and time away from work.
• Make lasting changes in their physical and emotional health.

Participants feel better, faster, and can begin to make the most of every day.

Able to take control.

Able to make positive changes.


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(*) Transition specialists are licensed clinical social workers (LCSWs) or the equivalent.


  • My diabetes was so bad that my doctor wanted me to be go to the hospital. But after participating in Diabetes Forum, I was able to improve my blood glucose levels. My doctor was really pleased with my progress, and the hospital was no longer necessary. I learned new skills that I will keep on using. This program saved my life.
    – Diabetes Forum Graduate
  • The program taught me the skills to get through difficult situations, and made me realize that I am capable of so much more than I thought. In the past, my diabetes management skills would plummet when I was under stress. Going through the program gave me the tools to remain calm and medically stable in a crisis. It even helped me lose five pounds during the eight weeks I participated!
    – Diabetes Forum Graduate