Cardiac Forum

After a serious cardiac event, it can be hard to focus on self care and take the time to fully recover.

Most heart patients know they need to make changes to regain their strength and health, but don’t know how to effectively put change into practice as they begin their return to a normal, busy life. AbilTo’s Cardiac Forum can help.

Expert, Individualized Behavior Change Support

Cardiac Forum is AbilTo’s program for individuals who are recovering from serious cardiac events like heart attack, heart surgery, or congestive heart failure.

Success Story:
Avoided Additional Surgery, Limited Disability Time

After his recent bypass surgery, Mr. Martin’s doctors recommended an implanted defibrillator. He had also struggled and failed to control his diabetes for years, and now he risked being placed on permanent disability due to his heart complications from the disease. Understandably, he began to feel saddened by everything that was happening with his health.

During the course of Cardiac Forum, Mr. Martin modified his eating so substantially that he was able to stop injecting insulin. He also added 30 minutes of exercise to his daily routine. At the end of the eight-week program, his health had improved to the point where his doctors felt a defibrillator was no longer necessary.

Today, Mr. Martin is no longer depressed, and he is confident that he can maintain the positive changes he made during the program.

Over the course of eight weeks, Cardiac Forum participants get focused, personal support to help them make lifestyle changes that maximize their recovery. Guided by AbilTo’s specially trained team consisting of a transition specialist* and a behavior coach, they learn practical strategies for setting manageable goals and achieving life balance.

Things like finding the time for self care, balancing job demands and family responsibilities, and managing feelings of stress, anxiety, or sadness all become easier and achievable. The result is better physical health and mental well-being—in only eight weeks.

Cardiac Forum participants:
• Overcome obstacles to health and wellness.
• Avoid unnecessary medical visits, surgery, or hospitalizations.
• Limit disability time and time away from work.
• Make lasting changes in their physical and emotional health.

Participants feel better, faster, and can begin to make the most of every day.

Able to overcome health challenges.

Able to make positive changes.


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(*) Transition specialists are licensed clinical social workers (LCSWs) or the equivalent.


  • I participated in Cardiac Forum after my bypass surgery. During the program, I added 30 minutes of exercise to my daily routine and changed my eating to the point that I was able to stop injecting insulin. My health improved so much that a defibrillator was no longer necessary, and I was no longer depressed or at risk of being placed on permanent disability.
    – Cardiac Forum Graduate
  • I was surprised by how much I got out of the process. The program gave me the skills to set goals and become aware of the connection between my thoughts and feelings. I now recognize the trigger points that bring on a physical and emotional response, and I learned breathing and relaxation exercises to cope with my feelings.
    – Cardiac Forum Graduate