Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Pink Ribbons and Depression

The breast cancer community has done incredible work raising awareness about the breast cancer screening, diagnosis, and treatment. Nonetheless, there is much work yet to be done when it comes to addressing a major related health concern that has a tremendous impact on overall health of individuals with breast cancer – depression. Depression in and Read More

How Do You See Domestic Violence?

October is Domestic Violence Awareness month. At AbilTo, we are committed to the health and well-being of our members. One reason why our programs are so effective is that we recognize when a participant needs help beyond our areas of expertise. Sound clinical practice dictates securing an individual’s safety prior to addressing other goals. Our Read More

Depression and Diabetes: Driving Clinical Outcomes with Behavior Change

Diabetes and depression often go hand in hand. Although it is not clear whether the behaviors associated with depression lead to diabetes or whether having diabetes increases the risk of depression, what is clear is that managing both diabetes and depression concurrently can be incredibly challenging. Depression can make it particularly difficult to adhere to Read More

Acknowledging Depression – Reduce The Cost of Cardiac Recovery

September 25, 2013 Reporting for HealthDay about a JAMA Internal Medicine study published Monday, Steven Reinberg writes, “Medicare costs for treating heart attack patients have swollen significantly, with much of the year after hospital discharge…” The good news is that more people than ever are surviving a formerly life-ending event; the bad is that the cost of post-discharge care – Read More

Depression and Absenteeism

A recent survey completed by Gallup further documented the impact of depression on worker productivity, in particular, absenteeism: In the study, almost 11% of full-time employees were diagnosed with depression and missed 8.7 missed work days each year due to poor health compared to 4.6 days for workers who have never been diagnosed. The Read More

HIMSS Podcasts on Patient Engagement

Earlier this spring, HIMSS conducted interviews with patient engagement thought leaders as part of an ongoing series. We were honored to have our CEO Michael Laskoff included in the group. To listen to all of the podcasts, please visit:

The Economic Costs of Depression

Last week’s article in the New York Times magazine section, “The Half-Trillion-Dollar Depression,” provided an interesting look at the broad economic issues associated with behavioral health disorders. Some of the startling facts:  More than 1.4 million Americans are on federal disability rolls for mood disorders  11.5 million American adults suffer from a debilitating behavioral health Read More

Diabetes and Behavioral Health News from the ADA

The recently completed 73rd Scientific Sessions of the American Diabetes Association featured several interesting abstracts on the impact of behavioral health intervention in diabetes. We are excited to see a robust clinical dialogue on the importance of behavioral health. Abstracts included a study of the impact of mobile phone based programs in diabetic populations to Read More

May 14, 2013 – AbilTo Receives Funding to Expand Innovative Behavioral Intervention Platform

AbilTo announced today the completion of a $3 million round of Series A financing to fund program and technology expansion. The financing round was led by .406 Ventures. “We are very excited to be partnering with AbilTo. The company’s combination of great outcomes for patients and meaningful savings for health plans and employers is the Read More

“ADHD Harmed My Pay”

Michael Laskoff participated in HuffPost Live segment “ADHD Harmed My Pay”. Watch him here! More details about the segment: ADHD Harmed My Pay Young people diagnosed with ADHD are about 10 to 14 percent less likely to be employed. If they do have a job, they earn about 33 percent less income. Originally aired on: Read More