Our Company

AbilTo (“able to”) works with health plans and employers to help individuals overcome emotional challenges brought on by medical events and life transitions.

Quality Programs That Measurably Improve Physical and Emotional Health

Feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or sad is common after experiencing a major medical event or life transition. This can make it hard for people to stay connected with family and friends, follow their doctor’s medical advice or even show up for work. AbilTo can help.

Our eight-week, evidence-based behavior change programs use a proven, best-practice approach to help people make the positive, lasting changes they need to feel better. Working with our quality network of providers, participants experience measurable improvements in physical and mental health.

Delivering Real Results, Today

By helping individuals manage the emotional component of a medical diagnosis or life transition, AbilTo’s programs free them to focus on better self-care and improved lifestyle habits. Important things such as taking medicine, eating healthier and getting more exercise become easier. The result is happier, healthier people and fewer unnecessary medical visits—which lowers healthcare costs for everyone.

Expert Behavior Change Support

Coordinated through AbilTo’s proprietary EnabilTo platform, AbilTo’s behavior change programs are delivered privately and conveniently via online video chat or telephone by highly trained providers in our national network. AbilTo’s transition specialists* and behavior coaches are experts that help participants set achievable goals and learn new, effective skills to overcome the emotional difficulties that frequently accompany medical and life changes.

Our current program offerings are:

Cardiac Forum (Cardiac Events)
Diabetes Forum (Type 2 Diabetes)
Momentum (Postpartum Depression & Baby Blues)
Renew (Pain Management)
Resilience (General Depression, Bereavement, & Caregiver Support)
Thrive (Breast Cancer)

(*) Transition specialists are licensed clinical social workers (LCSWs) or the equivalent.


  • After having an angioplasty and two stents placed, I was very anxious about my job and my family’s future. Working with the Cardiac Forum team helped me keep working and reduced my stress. I learned how to identify and defuse my stress triggers. I also learned how to eliminate the barriers that prevented me from eating healthier foods while traveling for work.
    – Cardiac Forum Graduate
  • The cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness practices I learned really helped me reframe my thoughts and gave me the tools to feel less overwhelmed. I appreciated the support I received. It let me connect with my values and engage in more meaningful life activities.
    – Resilience Graduate