Delivering Behavior Change Today

AbilTo (“able to”) works with health plans and employers to support individuals facing emotional challenges brought on by medical events and life transitions.

At AbilTo, we are uniquely skilled at engaging individuals and helping them make measurable, lasting changes that improve their physical health and mental well-being—in just eight weeks. The result is happier, healthier people and fewer unnecessary medical visits, which reduces healthcare costs for everyone.

Exceptional Engagement

Our enrollment rate is over 70%, and nearly 3 out of 4 enrolled members graduate.

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Our engagement rates are exceptional.

Over 70% of those who are introduced to our programs choose to enroll, and nearly 75% graduate by completing all 16 sessions in their eight-week program.

Participant satisfaction ratings are also outstanding: 7.9 out of 8.0.

Behavior Change

In follow-ups, more than 75% of graduates report sustained behavior change.

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Participants not only feel better emotionally, they also make lasting changes that directly and demonstrably contribute to better overall health.

Working with our highly trained providers, they are able to identify and overcome emotional roadblocks, allowing them to implement a healthier lifestyle while reducing the stress and anxiety that often accompany a medical diagnosis or life transition.

In follow-ups, more than 75% of our graduates continue to benefit strongly three months after program completion.

Proven Results

Among our results: a 60-80% reduction in depression, less stress, and lower anxiety.

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We measure success – literally. AbilTo has spent over four years developing and refining our best-practice approach to program delivery, and we use quantitative measurement tools to ensure that participants are making the greatest possible gains.

The results speak for themselves. Most participants experience a 60-80% reduction in depression during their program, along with reductions in stress and anxiety levels. As a result, they make better lifestyle decisions, including improving their eating habits, engaging in more physical activity, and improving their adherence to medication.

This translates into lower medical costs for participants, health plans, and employers. Payers realize significant ROI in 6 months or less.


  • Without being happy on the inside, you can’t heal. It’s two hours out of your life for eight weeks. You can’t beat it!
    – Cardiac Forum Graduate
  • I wish I would have realized earlier how my emotions impacted my diabetes symptoms! The techniques I learned in the program helped me so much, both with my anxiety and with my health. By going through the program, I was able to better stabilize my blood sugar and reduce the pain I was experiencing from neuropathy.
    – Diabetes Forum Graduate